In 1984, Becke and George Almeida became fans of Fuddruckers in Concord when it opened. Dining there at least 3 times a week, they soon became regulars and developed a close relationship with the management and staff. One day, Becke found out that the restaurant was having meat delivery problems, so her husband, George, who was in the cattle business, offered to deliver the same quality meat and soon took over as their supplier.

1990 - This year George & Becke bought their first Fuddruckers

1992 - Moved Concord Fuddruckers to it's current location

1992 - Fuddruckers began catering services

1997 - Opened Walnut Creek

1999 - Purchased Lake Oswego, OR

2001 - Opened Dublin location

2003 - Emeryville opened

2006 - Opened Boise store in Idaho

2007- Opened our Meridian, Idaho location

2009 - Doors opened in Union City

2013 - Fairfield and Blue Frog Brewing Company OPENS!

2017 and beyond - SO many more exciting things to come!

History of our Locations