Our Very Own Story


Becke and George Almeida became fans of Fuddruckers in Concord when it opened in 1984. Dining there at least three times a week, they soon became regular guests and developed a close relationship with the management and staff.

One day, Becke found out that the restaurant was having meat delivery problems so her husband, George, who was in the cattle business, offered to deliver the same quality meat and soon took over as their supplier.


This is the beginning of a great history and a relationship between Fuddruckers and the Almeida’s. Over the years, George trained their meat cutters and helped them with their equipments.

With a strong foundation of passion and commitment in helping their neighbours, both Fudds Concord and their guests helped in raising a blood drive for Ashley, the daughter of their then favourite guest and meat vendor, who was born prematurely. In the same year, one of the managers offered Becke a Management position which she gladly accepted.


Mid-part of 1988, Fudds Concord moved to a new location in Pleasant Hill where the restaurant experienced more difficulties. The restaurant continued to struggle.


While discussing their future at the dinner table, Becke got a call from the man who owned the shopping center in Pleasant Hill that eventually took over Fudds.

He recalled that Becke used to manage the restaurant and just casually offered the Almeida’s to purchase it. Becke told George, her hand still on the phone, “this is what God has for us to do.” So, they took a second Deed of Trust on their home and bought the restaurant which at that time had already lost $110,000 in ten months, doing at that point only $18,000 per week.

Becke managed the store and George continued to supply the meat. At times they would have their daughters in their car seats underneath the rolling table in the bakery while they rolled the buns.


In November, George left the family business and devoted full time to Fuddruckers. He performed administrative responsibilities while Becke took care of operations.

1992 to Present

Within a year, restaurant sales increased averaging to $25,000 per week and continued to improve its margins. But due to a few complications on the lease, the bank decided to cancel the lease of the restaurant a few months after that. At that time, they made a deal with the owners of the shopping center where Fuddruckers initially opened.

They transferred Fuddruckers back to its original location in Concord where it operates to this day. Becke and George’s hard work on the road paid off when Citrus Heights Fudds came along in 1994 and Walnut Creek in 1997. It was followed by the purchase of Fudds in Lake Oswego from an existing franchise in 1999. Then, more stores were opened in the following locations: Dublin in 2001, Emeryville in 2003, Boise in 2006, Meridian in 2007 and Union City in 2009.