How did our Catering Services begin? BBQ Catering

Our catering services all started in 1992 with a rented grill in the back of a pick-up and a call from a gal from the leukemia society. This gal asked me if we could cater a BBQ of 100 burgers at her home in Lafayette, California for a small fundraiser for the society. One of our managers and myself took the grill to her house and set-up in her driveway and cooked on site for her guests. It was received with great reviews from her guests and at that point we looked at each other and said, "You know there might be something to this!"

A few months later Fuddruckers catering was born. While sitting in a hot tub one evening, our neighbor decided at the age of 40, he was going to quit his job in the oil refinery business, use his savings, and supplement his income with whatever work he could find. He wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a school teacher. We decided, after a short discussion, that it was time to put Fuddruckers Catering and mobile kitchen on the road. So, we converted some used restaurant equipment to mobile use, using his expertise with metals and gases. We stacked it all in the back of our 2 pickup trucks and Fuddruckers catering began.

Today, we own and operate 4 catering trailers. We serve hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers per year with catering in San Francisco, all over the Bay Area. 

And to think our catering services all started over a few Fudd burgers with a neighbor.